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At the Orange County One Stop Career Centers we know that recruiting, training and retraining valued employees are a company's most expensive and time-consuming functions. Let us help you overcome those hurdles. Our staff is equipped to assist your company in meeting its hiring goals, lower training costs and reducing turnover rates. Here’s how we do it:

Recruiting Quality Employees

Our staff specializes in helping companies fill their vacant positions by connecting them with the thousands of job seekers who utilize our career centers every year. We combine our knowledge of individual job seekers with internet resources, newspaper advertisements, radio commercials, local partnerships and hiring events to recruit the perfect employees for companies in the Orange County area. In addition, we partner with local community organizations to ensure that job seekers respond to the opportunities made available by the companies we serve.

Training Future Employees

Preparing job seekers to succeed in new work environments is a service we provide that benefit many Orange County businesses. We help our job seekers leverage training opportunities to improve their chances of securing vacant positions that require special technical abilities and important soft skills. Some of the training opportunities we facilitate include:


•    Proprietary Online Training & Assessment Technology

•    On-the-Job Training....more info

•    Customized Training....more info

•    Occupational Skills Training

•    Pre-Vocational Training

Retaining Best Employees

Our workforce professionals know that retaining quality employees is just as important as hiring them for businesses interested in protecting their bottom lines. Our catalog of employer services helps businesses remain competitive by offering the following retention supports:


•    New Hire Support & Follow-Up 

•    Layoff Aversion

•    Business Advisory Councils

•    Outplacement Assistance

•    Government Tax Credit Support


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