About the OC One-Stop Center

OC One Stop, WestministerThe Orange County One-Stop Centers provide comprehensive employment and training services, including a Resource Center with access to computers, fax machines, copiers, and telephones. Other services include a resume distribution program; a career resource library, labor market information, networking opportunities, job search workshops, on-site interviews with local employers, transferable skills information, job leads, and training programs.

There are programs for youth, older workers, people with disabilities, adults, dislocated workers, Veterans, and TANF recipients. 




One-Stop Principles


  • Streamline Services through an integration of multiple programs, including Wagner-Peyser and WIOA, at the service level through One-Stop service centers.


  • Empower Individuals with information and resources they need to manage their own careers.


  • Employer Services that recognize business as a customer as well as a source for jobs leading to meaningful employment.


  • Universal access for all job seekers to a core set of career decision-making and job search tools.


  • Increase accountability of the delivery system to achieve improved results regarding skill gains, credentials earned, job placement rates, earnings and retention in employment.


  • State and local flexibility to ensure that delivery systems are responsive to the needs of individual communities.


  • Strong role for local boards and the private sector to impact the design and operation of delivery systems.